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Hey everyone! My name is Micah Camp. I'm always upset...

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Virginia for college for schooling in Animation (and to get away from my family but it backfired).
I decided "hey! I'm gonna make a website were I can post my stuff." And so this was born.
Uhh... not much left to talk about. I just work on my stuff currently.

The name dailypasta comes from a  friend of mine in high school. She loved spaghetti and every time I brought it to school she'd freak out and I'd end up having to share it. Not even joking. So she would say
(  Friend  )"You should bring spaghetti everyday!"
(    Me    )"Pfft! You're not getting daily pasta from me."

Then I liked the name and then the studio(not really studio...) began!
I find it cool to see my learning process from June to present time. I'm sure my work will get better and better so I hope you stick around to see grow

Photoshop-------3+ years
Adobe Flash-----3+ years
Sony Vegas------6+ years
+Voice Acting+
June '08----------ongoing