Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome To DailyPasta!

Who are you again...?

Micah Camp. I am a game maker and animator.

What is DailyPasta?

It's my personal sketchbook and I plan to upload whenever..
Here you can find updates on my art and such. 

Why that name...DailyPasta...I'd get sick of pasta after a while...wouldn't you?

In highschool, whenever I brought spaghetti from home, my friend would freak out and be all happy. I thought...weeklypasta...?  No. Dailypasta? Yes.

It sounded like a really interesting company name so I googled it to see if anyone took it and (other than a tumblr page that is no longer used) the name was totally open! 


I wanna upload animations, drawings, storyboards, and whatever. 

I figured I needed a place to upload my art other than DeviantArt. Think it'd be a cool idea.